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Afternoon Tea Book

Afternoon Tea Book
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Model: Afternoon Tea Book
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This small paperback was a pleasure to read. 

It contains information for newcomers to afternoon tea as well as those who have been enjoying the afternoon tea ritual for years. The book includes a tea terms glossary, a tea glossary, a tea timeline, a section on tea and silver, names of tea from around the world, instructions on how to clean a teapot and much more. The author served as a tea consultant for hotels such as The Plaza in New York City. It is intreging with her explanation of the order of food placement for a three-tiered server. She says the top tier is for scones, the middle for sandwiches and savories, and the bottom tier for sweets. Why? During the 1800s, she says, the old-fashioned stands had domed lids to keep the scones warm, and the dome would fit only on the top tier. Makes perfect sense!

There's tons of great information packed into this little book.  It appears that the name "Reva Paul" belonged to a woman who was the queen of decorative sugar cubes. Turns out she is Ellen Easton's mother, so clearly the apple didn't fall very far from the tree!

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Afternoon Tea Book
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