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I have tried most of the teas from the Gourmet Tea Bag Sample Pack and found all but one to my liking.  
For me, the Jasmine was like a bouquet of flowers...not a taste that I prefer.  As for the others they all had a very mild and pleasant taste.  I also found that they were not bitter at all, even if the bag sat there the whole time I was drinking the tea.  Most I found very nice just on there own.  The Assam tea was great with the addition of a cinnamon stick....would really enjoy that one on a cold snowy day.  I also drank most of them at night and found that the caffeine content didn't keep me up at all.  I have slept quite well.
Patricia M

I received a gift of Waylin Teas for my birthday.  It is a beautiful hand carved wood container filled with darjeeling tea.  The tea is the most heavenly tea I have ever tasted.  It is smooth, comforting and has 100% more flavour than any other tea that I have tried.  Goodbye Tetley, Hello Waylin!
Body & Sol
Health and Energy Centre
Breathe, Relax, Live

I love relaxing in the evening with a cup of Masala tea.  My package arrived quickly and well packed upon placing my order from Waylin Teas.
Jenn K
JK Business Services
Bookkeepers are not boring people.
We just get excited about boring things.

I recently placed an order on your website. I loved your website, it was really easy to see everything and the payment was really easy to do.
My husband usually only has tea half a dozen times a year, but since he tried your teas, he has been having tea all the time, and besides the container will look lovely on my counter.

Kristy W

I recently made the Classic English Scones adding raisins. They were so easy to prepare and I was able to make 12 scones. We served them warm with the Princess Teana English Lemon Curd and later cold with just butter. Either way they were delicious with the English Breakfast Tea.
Ruth L

I purchased the Gourmet Tea Sampler Carton.  I've tried a few and so far they are great. I'm looking forward to this weekend - I've planned some time to read and drink the cinnamon (my fav).
Brooke G

I simply adore that tea with the black pepper in it! (Kashmiri Kahwa Tea) And the Himilayan Amrit tea is fabulous too! Sipping a cuppa right now actually!
Maria M.

I appreciate the newsletter and love the teas!
Allison K.

I loved the Marsala tea.  I would like to order some before Christmas.
Leslie L.

I received the Deca Tea as a gift. What a beautiful box. I had a peppermint tea years ago and found it too strong so all these years, I have stayed with plain tea. I tried the Mint Tea today and found I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying all the different varieties.
Doreen M. Hamilton, ON

Thank you Linda for your excellent customer service.  Its obvious.
Catherine , Ontario Canada

I purchased your Black Current tea and want you to know that I found it delicious. I drank it with just a bit of honey.
A.D. - Ontario Canada

It was nice seeing you again at the RGB Health & Wellness Event, and I'm enjoying the green tea.
Sandy . Burlington ON

I really enjoyed the Vanilla tea. and the Green tea! I am going to go and try the other sample now.. Thanks again!
Marie of Hamilton ON

My two favourite teas are jasmine and earl grey so I tried the Buckingham Palace Garden Party. THANK YOU......It was awesome tea............. KC Hamilton, ON

I was out of the Himalayan Amrit and the Kashmiri Kahwa. Thought I might try a supermarket chai instead. Bad decision. It was not as good as your teas. Now that I have some quality teas, I am going to enjoy a cup.

MM Hamilton, ON

The tea I ordered is great. I'll tell all my friends about your company. Looking forward to ordering from you in the future. Thank you!
A.N. Hamilton, ON


I had the opportunity to try your Earl Grey Tea and told my husband how wonderful it was .  I guess he was thought he was being considerate and picked up a box of (grocery store) earl grey tea while out shopping.  Let me tell you it was the worst tea I have ever had.  There was no comparison in the quality and flavor.  I am a convert! 
Thanks again  
N.H, Dundas, ON

I recently purchased the Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos. The tea smells delicious and tastes just as good!

Wow I've already received the tea thanks so much and I've tried the loose cinnamon tea already and it was wonderful...thanks again  
NM, Elmira, ON 

Hi Linda, I just put in an order thanks so much for introducing me to a wonderful tea...I drank something else today you've got me hooked. Thanks again!
Natalie, ON

In an age when customer service is almost extinct you are definitely in a class by yourself.  Thanks for delivering that sample package of Masala yesterday.  I enjoyed it very much.  I'll be placing an order in a minute.  I will be ordering what we have begun to call the Queen's tea for my Mother  (Buckingham Palace Garden Party) .  She wanted you to know that it was from her because she enjoys receiving the newsletter and considers herself a customer.  Thank you Linda.  We are all enjoying your tea very much.

 Debbie  M.  - Hamilton, ON


Hi -- just want to let you know how much I and others have enjoyed the teas I bought at the Nov 14 event you participated in. Will need more soon -- keep making a difference, and have a wonderful New Year!!!

Jennifer  B 

 Body & Sol serves their clients a nice cup of tea following their massage therapy, oxygen or infrared heat treatment. I prefer to serve Waylin Teas because they are pure and the selection is never ending. I, as well as my clients, LOVE Waylin Teas and recommend that every household, business and office stock and serve Waylin Teas. Thank you Linda for always having my favourite tea.

Kathy @ Body & Sol

About the shipping issue, I just wanna say that i feel that level of dedication is almost non-existent anymore........anyway, premium teas, fast shipping, dedicated customer service. Great job.
Paul from Fort Erie

Tea is my very favourite drink and the tea from Waylin Enterprise is the very best. The newsletter is informative and the service is superb.
Debbie from Hamilton

I really enjoy your newsletter. It contains interesting articles and recipes. I have enjoyed all the teas I have tried.
Darlene from Hamilton ON

Linda from Waylin Teas has been supplying me with these fabulous specialty teas for some time. I love the personal service and her attention to my tastes, providing small samples to try with my orders. I would highly recommend you try these excellent teas! I just tried the berry detox tea.. heavenly!
Marie from Hamilton ON

A cup of English Breakfast tea is a relaxing way to end the day. Waylin Teas is the perfect cup for me.
Jenn from Hamilton ON

The best source for the best teas. Keep up the good work Linda.
Paul from Niagara Falls

When I received the packages of Darjeeling tea I had ordered from you, I tore one open in anticipation of an excellent cup. And may I say, Linda, I was NOT disappointed! After so long a search for a true and quality Darjeeling tea, I am very pleased to find your business, especially one that sells such top-quality tea. In addition, your customer service was so professional and courteous that I was not shy to touch base with you whenever I needed your help or advice. As a result of your quality product, along with your promptness and patience in accommodating my needs, I was pleasantly surprised at this my first (but not last!) experience at Waylin Teas. I highly recommend both Waylin and you to whomever should want an excellent product and excellent service. Here's to a bracing beginning with Waylin Teas over a satisfying cup of Lopchu Darjeeling ...
Sue T. ~ Scarborough ON

I love this total tea! It has a wonderful flavour to it and is hard to believe that something that tastes so good can be that good for you!

Thank you so much! We both really enjoy the Total Tea and well, my wife and I cannot stop drinking it!
A.S. from Alberta