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Privacy Policy

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the conducting of business communication and transactions over networks and through computers. Shopping with us is safe.


We encrypt Internet transmissions to safeguard your name, address and credit card number. Because we appreciate your patronage and respect your privacy, we protect your personal information. Under no circumstances will we share this privileged information with third parties.


WE HAVE TAKEN GREAT PAINS to ensure that private information is processed securely. Here’s how we do it. As soon as you provide private or secure information, we immediately connect you to our secure server. Your data is then encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer), a system supported by all Web browsers and in widespread use today.  The encrypted data looks something like this: ",__ˆ/d_ÿÿ/d_˜/d__€_€_"


Each year, millions of transactions are safely processed over the Internet. Compared to other retail channels like mail order or storefront, Internet transactions are the safest. It is far easier to steal credit card information from receipt carbons or tapped telephones than to successfully intercept and decode encrypted transactions.


A word of advice: It is a good idea to monitor credit card transactions through your month end statement. Immediately advise your credit company of any unauthorized transactions. Most companies cover all of the unauthorized charges; others limit your liability. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your credit company cannot hold you liable for more than $50 in fraudulent charges.


If you are still not comfortable using your credit card over the Internet, please call our customer service order line at 905-575-4928, or e-mail your order to us.