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Other Uses for Tea


Tea in the Garden


Add your tea leaves to acid loving plants like hydrangeas, azaleas and holly trees.

Tea makes a good fertilizer because it produces nitrogen, phosphoric acid, manganese and potash, nutrients which plants need to thrive. A cup of tea leaves steeped for fifteen minutes in a liter of boiling water when cooled is the perfect drink for your plants.

Wet tea leaves can also be added to the soil to feed your houseplants. This works especially well with ferns and roses, giving your plants a lush and healthy appearance.

A few cups of tea poured into your compost bin will help speed up the decomposition process and give you acid-rich compost. Liquid tea attracts acid-producing bacteria, thus improving the quality of your compost.

When preparing a planter for your window or balcony, put a few used teabags on top of the drainage layer (gravel, styrofoam, etc.) before putting in the soil and plants. This will help the soil retain water better and the tea bags give added nutrients as well.

If there's a bare spot in your lawn, you can use tea bags to re-seed it. Just put a wet teabag where you want the grass to grow and sprinkle it with seeds. The teabag helps retain moisture and will gradually decompose.

Dying linens

Dye lace or other fabric for an antique look. Soak white lace or other fabrics in cold brewed tea to get a beige, ecru, or ivory color. The longer you soak the fabric, the darker the shade will be. You can also give paper an "antiqued" look this way.

Tea as a deodorizer


Place a dish of tea leaves in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh.


Put dry tea leaves in a knee high and stuff it into shoes and sneakers to keep them smelling fresh.


Remove fish and onion odors from your hands by rinsing them with cooled tea.


Tea bags make perfect deodorizers. Put your favorite tea bags or tea leaves in a sachet in your closets, under car seats, in the bathroom or the kitchen to add a hint a hint of scent. Tea in spray bottles can also be used as air freshener.

Loose tea leaves make a great carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle dry tea directly onto carpeting, and allow to settle in for about ten to fifteen minutes. Use your favorite flavored tea to give your room a nice scent. The tea leaves will deodorize the vacuum cleaner bag at the same time.

Spreading dry tea leaves on a pet’s bedding will take away any odor. Just allow the tea leaves to ‘work’ and then either vacuum up or shake out the loose tea. This is also a good way to discourage fleas!

Tea and teeth


Help fight against cavities and gum disease by rinsing with cooled tea.


Tea is antibacterial so it will help guard against gingivitis. Tea also contains fluoride to help keep teeth and bones strong.


Cooking with tea


When adding dried fruit to recipes. Soak them in hot tea (any flavor) to make them plump and moist.


When baking, replace water in the ingredients with Earl Grey tea for extra flavor.

Tea also works as a meat tenderizer. Marinate inexpensive cuts of meat in tea or add equal parts tea and beef stock to a tough pot roast for a tasty dish. Tea leaves can also be used in the smoker box to impart great flavor to smoked meat and fish.


When you have finished washing and wiping down a cast-iron pot, swipe it out with a brewed-out tea bag. Why? "The tannins [chemical compounds] in the tea create a rust-preventing layer" in the pot, according to a past past edition of Woman's World magazine.

Dry skin treatment:

Green tea is great in the bath. Here's the recipe: Place a couple of tea bags under the faucet as you run hot water for a bath. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants. "The antioxidants will rehydrate your skin." --WW

Anti-odor kitty litter.

Place the contents of used, but dried out tea bags into your cat's kitty litter. The antibacterial features of the tea "neutralize odor."--WW

DIY facial.

The editors of WW recommend the application of warm, but wet tea bags on the face. "The tannins will tighten pores and reduce puffiness."

Great Glass Cleaner.

A batch of strong tea, cooled and sprayed onto mirrors and glass surfaces make a great class cleaner. Remember to buff with a soft cloth, and you'll have a streak-free shine.