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E-commerce: privacy and security - shopping with us is safe.
E-commerce - About Security: explains why shopping with us is safe.
E-commerce - Shipping: why it can vary.
E-commerce - Guarantee: our money back gaurantee (and more).

Tea Info: all about Camellia Sinensis.
    Tea Info - Darjeeling: details Darjeeling, the "champagne of teas".
    Tea Info - Assam: the preferred tea at breakfast time.
    Tea Info - Nilgiri: the tea from the Blue Mountains.
    Tea Info - Flavored: teas made with exotic fruits, flowers and spices.
    Tea Info - Presidential: our supplier was preferred by President Clinton.
    Tea Info - Market Stats: tea consumption stats and more.
    Tea Info - History of Tea: from 2737 BC to the present.
    Tea Info - Tea Processing: how tea is processed.
    Tea Info - Tea Grades: the way tea is graded.
    Tea Info - Tea Storage: the dos and don'ts of tea storage.
    Tea Info - Tea Consumption: some facts about tea consumption.
    Tea Info - Tea and Health: the health benefits of drinking tea.
    Tea Info - Tea Preparation: how to make a great cup of tea, step by step.

Tea Contest: you could win our gourmet Indian teas.

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